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You still want that Mclaren Senna? McLaren 720S GT3X!

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You guys will have to tell us about this one, I don't know much about them. Especially if you've driven it!馃檪
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That would be a question for either @ImHuntingWabbits or @unmac
That would be a question for either @ImHuntingWabbits or @unmac
The more applicable question is when/where/how often can a race car be driven vs. a street car. Do you need to belong to a private country club type track do maximize a race car or to even learn the race car (not so easy to do on a typical track day).

How much more does it cost to attend a track day with a gt3x (full race team support), how much notice needs to be given to a race team for the support for a track day, how easy is it to do a u-turn if you can't attend. I can decide to attend a track day the night before with senna, I can do a u turn and not show up, I don't need any assistance, I go through a set of tires every two track days and I go through about $500 in brake pads every track day. It's very cheap to track senna/street car.

What is the prize money given to the fastest car on a track day.

To answer the question; at laguna seca; it's going to be a 10 second difference between the two (it hasn't been tried yet) and the only way this can be achieved is if you have the track all to yourself.

Race car as significant as this is not really practical for the most part.

I do know the owner of the car in this video. He loves the car but goes back and forth on track days with it and his street car (practicality and all).

Race cars for track days is a wet dream for the people on the sidelines.
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I'm just watching the conversation flow and evolve, but the owner of the car in the first video until about 10 or so days ago I knew absolutely nothing about. I only know because he's actually got a Hennessey Venom F5 and apparently alot of McLaren's. Perhaps something to investigate at a later juncture.
I know Rafa (owner of the gt3x) in your initial posting . He lives in Houston and has started a track club that will have a clubhouse , other members , etc.

He has a business component to what he is doing .
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I鈥檓 surprised 鈥. I didn鈥檛 know they were 2019. The one by me was the first one in USA and it was delivered a few months ago .

this car wasn鈥檛 so easy to get 鈥.. mclaren wanted it to go to people who race or track a lot . My friend had to write an essay to mclaren of why he deserved this car and how he was going to use it .
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