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Yas Marina video

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This must be a product of the new marketing firm they hired, because the production level is incredible. Turn speakers up!

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McLaren Automotive seem to have a Middle East specific marketing campaign to 'introduce' the brand to our region. Brand awareness, relative to the traditional Italian houses, is relatively low. They've released a video in Arabic 'outlining its exciting plans for the company in a film entitled: 'Our Vision''.

They're ticking the correct Gulf specific boxes to get units moving in the Middle East.

I've been in contact with Ahmed from the Jeddah branch. Passionate. They seem to enjoy the additional challenge of founding the brand image against the more established competitors within the region.

Emphasis is on the 12C's ability to change character into GT-like levels of comfort, exclusivity, and a regional must: the high degree of personalization available via MSO.
Although I haven't asked about the regional allocation figures, we seem to have the shortest waiting period: four months. It'll be interesting to see how long that status will sustain.
I really don't think that's a good sign. 4 months is far too short for such a supercar so fresh in the market :rolleyes:
I do not know the precise mechanics behind the factory list. Impression is that spots are allocated on a regional basis.

I wouldn't make too many insinuations of regional demand based our short waiting list. It's a brand that's 'new' to most. I'm quite sure that in a year or so the wait-period will acquiesce to the global standard.

We have a few characteristics unique to our market:

Cars are sold by word of mouth. It is critical for regional sales to have a few wheels on the ground, and quick.

Ride comfort. McLaren's wide-ranging driving dynamics will allow it to compete in the mid-engined sports and the GrandTouring segments. Emphasis will be on attracting customers who would traditionally opt for an Aston, a Bentley Continental, or a 911 Turbo. I would not be surprised if regional automotive literature compares the 12C with a DBS and ContiSuperSport instead of the 458 and Gallardo.

Wait times. Gulf region wait-lists tend to be some of the shortest in the world. The wait-period on both its Italian rivals is at four months. Needs to remain competitive in what could be a possible deal-breaker in this part of the the world.

Familiarity. McLaren's region-specific marketing efforts will endear the brand to the region.
Again, anticipating what could be an avalanche of increased demand, I doubt the four month period will last too long.
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Got to agree with what Ramy is saying, a lot of potential buyers in this region just will not wait for what they want and if you tell them it's a 12 month waiting list they'll walk or find some other way of getting the car they want. Take a look at this one it's fairly representative of a lot of the "used" car dealers and, as you'll see, if you are prepared to pay the premium you can drive away whatever you want immediately.

There are non GCC spec 12Cs already being brought in and offered to those who cannot wait. I reckon the wait for a 12C or a 458 in Dubai at the moment is about 4-5 months (although I did wait 13 months between placing my deposit and receiving my car).
Customers who 'spec' their cars and join the waiting list aren't the majority.

'Unofficial' dealerships thrive on having access to inventory.
Premiums of 25% to 50% are the norm for the 'buy it now' option, and a 70 to 100% mark-up would not be unheard of for the first car or two in the region. With the speed these cars reach the 'unofficial' dealerships, you could be forgiven thinking that a prototype or press car went missing somewhere. :p

Access to the first few factory build-slots is a valued art in this part of the world.

Jerry - Congratulations on a beautiful car. Have they briefed you on the differences of the GCC specs?
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