Hi, I am in Northern California in a town called Gilroy right outside Silicon Valley/San Jose area.
No stranger to buying cars from private parties or dealers out of state, and shipping across the country for the right car.

No McLaren yet, but hope to have one soon.
Cash customer, no financing or leasing or pre-approval needed, here.
Looking for a 720S coupe, in the price range someone might expect for a 2018 or 2019, these days. Sure, I will look at a later one, for the right price, but I don't need to pay a premium for a 2020 or later, especially if it has no warranty, anyway. I have noticed online that, besides the glut of cars to choose from locally and nationally, the prices of 2020s are starting to converge with 2018s and 2019s. So if you are in that price realm, please contact me.

miles: low is cool. higher is fine, as long as condition and care is there.

Exposed door sills with Carbon fiber showing is a must. I'll just keep looking.
Performance preferred.
Luxury, I will look at it.
Want as much original MSO CF in and on the car as possible. Prefer rear wing to be body color and not CF, tho, but to a deal-breaker.
Looking for orange calipers and orange accents on the interior if interior is black. I don't want an entirely black interior.
Alternative interior colors besides basic black? surprise me.

Front end lift.
No aftermarket body mods.
No lowering springs.
No aftermarket ECU or hardware tunes.
Stock, lightweight wheels greatly preferred.

Colors: just about anything but Black, and perhaps not Red.

Love white, Love dark grey, light grey, blue, orange and yellow. Green? possibly.