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Just got my car back from LFSC with sottos applied. My purchase order says I bought a different (non-superlight) style but the wheels that came are just like my summers. Grip has been weak so far but they need some scuffing. Temps have been in the 20s F. Pressures need to be run the same as summer. The car came back at low cost (this wasn't the one year service) and clean as if new. Immediately got a low steering fluid and failed license tag lamp error. Both seem to clear on reboot. Ferrari anyone?

The tech also plugged the ISG after speaking with McLaren and the cabin environment seems nicer. One can still hear some burbles inside and WOT thunderclaps if windows down through overpass. v12 seems to have botched my stereo, really tinny. No way am I paying for the new nav next year, never use it and it shows me driving backward through houses. Wind noise improved but of course now the doors are harder to close and a dash rattle continues, it's a temp change phenom. Idle is different, but that may also be due to temp.

Rough idlers: misfire detection is updated. Mine used to start really rough, embarrassingly so. I could never catch it on video for the tech.

3500 miles now and I took a pass on the $400 early oil change.

Something things I learned
--front license clip looks boss, Illinois plates, graphite gray. Much better than on a 458 as it doesn't alter the aero or hide the snout shape.
--the winter wheel setting limits you to about 90% power
--bleeding the brakes does not improve their feel. My car has been tracked once, ceramics, and has a huge dead zone. I fancy myself coordinated in terms of athletics and video games, but no chance of smooth, volitional braking. Will hope for a better fall of the cards next time. And, that next time will be a 2015 McLaren. Or a used P1. Break them in gently please. But not too gently.
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