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Who's car was it?

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Does appear to be a factory fresh 12C out for delivery or a shakedown test. White with stealth ultralight wheels. Interior appear to have white seats, but that's probably just seat covers.
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F**k it was my car. I'm from Hamburg and I couldn't believe that this crashed car was mine, but today morning I got the confirmation from McLaren.
No, I think it will be spring next year. I'm now negotiating with them
Actually they stopped delivery for all cars (not the production line) in order to update IRIS and other things by end Nov. My car is no re scheduled for Jan next year
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Remember Oct 2011

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Just got new delivery a few days ago

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Just as a matter of interest Delfs,it must be a brand new car,but did they still give you your original Vin number??? or one that concurrent with the new date of production?
Is a new car with a new VIN
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