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Who is going to Goodwood on the 29th?

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Who is going to Goodwood on the 29th?
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ME! :) Also there for the Moving Motorshow the day before :)
I'll be busy taking 1000's of photo's of the Mclaren GTR that's there and going up the hill. :)
Car Parks open at 6.30, gates open at 7 :)

I've been when it was a mud bath, and when it was like the Sahara. Love dit both times and every time inbetween :)

Just remember -

spare change of clothes in the car AND A TOWEL just in case
spare batteries for camera
**COMFY SHOES** <- very important
bottled water
sun cream [just in case... :)]
Don't forget the rally stages
Don't forget to buy the programme, to at least get an idea as to when the cars you want to see are going up the hill
Don't forget the infield for the trade stands - lots of stuff there :)
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NO Nazi costumes [thats frowned upon apparently]
NO "Wilton House is better' T-Shirts either


It depends - if you are going to the Kinrara Enclosure / Hospitality probably best to have trousers, shoes and a nice shirt to make a good impression.

Riff Raff [me included] have been known to wear combat shorts [for the pockets] and a polo shirt but it depends on the weather. I have also gone in Jeans, CAT boots and a [non-Xmas!] jumper......
1 - 4 of 34 Posts
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