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Very enjoyable evening in Knutsford last night - unfortunately we had to leave a bit earlier because of the babysitter.

The car looked mint and very striking in that plain Orange, but I have to say that there were a few points where panel fit isn't quite what it ought to be ie. perfect. I imagine that will improve in time.

The IRIS system in its current state seemed hopeless when I played with it, but apparently the first few owners will get this free and will get an update to fix it later - not very McLaren but I guess they want to avoid any more delays now.

Happy to say that seeing it in the flesh is definitely helping my cause with the wife - she was really quite excited by it, I think she's forgotten the Tiff/Plato horror show now.

I'm very lucky that I live 2 mins walk from the place. I'm definitely more inclined to think that the good road tests I've seen will far better represent how the car will be and will be viewed in a couple of years rather than the Fifth Gear show.

The cockpit is a very dark place though - I'm surprised there are no options for a lighter shade of 'ceiling' covering in there.

Cheers, Ross.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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