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Wheel spacers installed on a Mclaren 570s

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Customer sent me some pics of wheel spacers installed on a 570s, that we supplied him.
These spacers are super light and all the excess material has been machine out.

We have a few sets in stock ready to ship

Price is $400

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Thank you.

A few of my customer have run these spacers at COTA with out any issues
No it does not
All kits comes with black extended lugs.
PM sent.............
These are back in stock
Perfectly safe!
Thanks for the reviews and the pictures!
Our spacers fit flat on the disc. If they did not seat flat all you would see is complaints posted on this thread.
Our spacers are lights and weight 11 oz since all the excess material is machined out. Not like the ones sold by other vendors.
Price is $399 plus ship and we payment via Paypal or CC invoice only.

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in stock
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15mm all around

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how do I order these?
Please send me a PM.
570GT with some 15mm wheel spacers all around

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Some more sets in stock, ready to ship
Looks great!
when you see a car in per with 15mm spacers visually it make a lot of difference. Recessed wheels look weak IMO.
......Says the unbiased vendor selling the spacers...............rather hear from actual owners/users
Did you fail read the reviews on the previous pages SMH
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