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Wheel spacers installed on a Mclaren 570s

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Customer sent me some pics of wheel spacers installed on a 570s, that we supplied him.
These spacers are super light and all the excess material has been machine out.

We have a few sets in stock ready to ship

Price is $400

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Shardul, do you have any 570 before & after pics?
Thorney shows a spacer that has a little groove, so that it fits flat on the McLaren. Do yours have the groove; or do yours sit/mount flat?
What is total price, U.S. shipping, and do you take Paypal?
On the 'why spacers' issue ...
The appearance to a third person may not be much difference.
I put spacers on both my 570, and my 12C (but ordered mine from Thorney)

One definite advantage: You can clean your calipers !
1 - 3 of 69 Posts