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Customer sent me some pics of wheel spacers installed on a 570s, that we supplied him.
These spacers are super light and all the excess material has been machine out.

We have a few sets in stock ready to ship

Price is $400


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Not trying to be offensive to anyone please, but why do people do this?

Is it just for appearance? Is there a performance factor?

And why do manufacturers do it the way they do? Why do they not offer this as an option? Looks like plenty of people, especially young (I’m 64) are all about this, can’t bear the stock look.

I follow trucks, have a Toyota TRD PRO. Great handling truck. Seems all the kids have already ordered their lift kits and trim the vehicle to have “big ‘ol tires”. No doubt it messes up how they drive but it seems just something they all do no matter what.
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