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2019 McLaren 600LT Chicane Effect
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One question, did. you also increase your fuel system with your turbos, or turbo upgrade and cat removal only? Detonation would be a real concern, especially with an overboost event and limited fuel supply.

rnixon has some good advice above. When you have an event like that, it's better to figure out what the cause was to generate those codes rather than just clearing codes and hitting it again. I say this because that seems to be a theme here with people saying "I just cleared the codes, and then when I went to do it again, xyz happened." There was a reason the car tried to protect itself in the first place and gave those errors. Granted, sometimes it is just a software hick-up, but best to know before going at it again.

That said, several things can cause your experience above, everything from missing active cylinders to non active turbos, some of which are pretty easy to fix, and others that are an engine out rebuild. Anything from bad actuators or sensor, defective wastegate, to a bad turbo itself would be detrimental to the power output. An overboost event could have also have generated enough pressure to blow a defective hose or pop a poorly attached hose loose, or it could have blown a seal. Honestly, I would be hopeful that it's just turbo related and nothing deeper. Again, codes are usually generated for a reason, and it's best to know why before just clearing them and going at it again unless you just don't care if it blows or not.

Finally, good luck with getting it figured out and wish you the best of luck that it's nothing serious. Love seeing these things out there, and likely someday i will be tuning mine as well (after it's at least 3 years old).
1 - 1 of 18 Posts