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WHAT IS THE Premium, Myth or Fact

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My friends say I can sell my contract for October UK delivery for £50k , others say £25k.

I am buying my McLaren to enjoy to the full but what is the reality of premiums?

Anyone know fact from fiction?
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fiction. A dealer said he would do me a favour by selling me his MP4-12c first batch quota for a fat premium with a discount. I have a quota so I said to him, oh good, I have a better deal for you, I will sell you my quota for 1/2 of what you asked for. Then he didn't say a word... nough said... sure I will sell you mine for what you asked for 50% off... if it's such an easy sell, he would have taken a double up... no go I'd say. Until we see a signed cheque, I wouldn't count on this premium talk. You can ask for the World... then there could be zero buyer.
FACT most exotic cars are sold and bought for way over their list values (as mentioned before Tom Hartley etc). Catitalia you can't declare that this is not happening based on a sample of 1 (you), that is so a spectacularly insignificant sample number that a market researcher or statistician would laugh themselves to death.:D

Funny but all your recent comments have a lot of negativity about them regarding the MP4-12C, would be nice to see some positive ones once in a while (or do you just save them for Ferrari Chat?)
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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