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Hey McLarenlife!

Thank you for the opportunity to be apart of the McLaren community! We are looking forward to providing an excellent customer experience with the many quality performance upgrades we have created, tested and proven.

A Little About Us:

Hydra Motor Works is able to provide the most elite tuning solution for your McLaren. Hydra utilizes a 424x AWD DynoJet linked dyno to provide the most accurate horsepower and torque readings from your vehicle. Our in-house tuner has over 20 years experience tuning all different types of cars such as import tuners, muscle cars, full-blown race cars and mainly exotics. We are able to tune virtually every single manufacturer. Our tunes are designed to produce the most possible power, while retaining OEM reliability.

Hydra Motor Works strives to provide the highest quality of products and service for your McLaren. Our goal is to be a one-stop-shop for all of your automotive needs such as intakes, exhausts, suspension and aero kits. Focusing on ECU Tuning, Hydra Motor Works are also certified distributors for vendors such as Akrapovic, Kline, Fabspeed, etc. We actively participate in many local events such as Cars and Coffee Palm Beach and plan to host events at our facility as well as track days at Palm Beach International Raceway (PBIR).

Transparency is key. Our experience in the automotive industry has taught us that being transparent about everything we do with your vehicle, is what will separate us from our competition. Our 12,500 sq/ft facility which includes 6 installation lifts, wash/detail/vinyl wrap bay and a designated dyno room helps us achieve this with multiple 10ft bay windows and live dyno streaming so customers can watch their vehicle throughout the entire customization process.

Behind the Screen:

My name is Bobby and I am the resident Performance Specialist here at Hydra Motor Works. Majority of the time I will be the one posting threads, commenting and responding to any questions or concerns you may have. You are more than welcome to reach out to me directly for any questions or inquires - I would be happy to help!

A little bit about me - I’ve been professionally working in the automotive industry for several years now but have been involved in the community since I could drive - the passion for cars dates back before I can even remember. I’ve had my fair share of vehicles ranging from a 1997 Integra GSR to an 2005 SRT-4 to a 2015 BMW M235i and currently my 2013 B8.5 Audi S4. As you can see I am all over the place when it comes to brand manufacturers. I like to try different things out and learn more about each car as opposed to sticking to only one brand. Outside of work I enjoy hitting the gym, relaxing on the beach, hitting the shooting range and of course, enjoying a nice cold beer - preferably an IPA.

I look forward to building relationships and assisting the McLaren community with all of their performance needs!
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