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Was this anyone from here?

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The catch 22 here in EUROPE is that when track day insurance becomes widely available ( predicted in 2013 ) there will be a £20,000 excess. So still a big sting for most folk!
I took my car out Sunday to show a couple of house guests what it was like in a Mac. Every bloody warning light pinged as we left home into some cold Autumn fog including front wheel problem Sir, please check with your friendly service centre. Tyre pressure and temps even.

However at one point brakes pulled left badly but my intervention with the steering wheel saved the day, but not my passengers nerves as all colour drained from his face. We retired, eventually, for a couple of pints down the local.

Hitting a track wall is bad news, nightmare really.
Is there any special reason why track day insurance should become widely available in 2013 ?I am looking for one since a long time but no luck..
The main insurers claim they need some history before they will take a risk........I'm not holding my breath.
Yes, that was me. I'm still in disbelief I walked out without single scratch in a crash this magnitude.
I will keep you all posted when things sort out... But wow, I'm lost for words on things people talk about on Jalopnik.

Gripforce. You have my commiserations......looks like you had a real bad smash. Pleased to hear your OK and hope the shock subsides.........when it does, and if you feel you can, please share the grisly details. Looks like you spun big time. Keep your chin up, time will pass.
1 - 4 of 45 Posts
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