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Volcano Red?

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Does anyone have a real life pic of a car in Volcano Red? Thanks!
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Check out the "official pictures" thread - there are a lot there.
Thank you!
If you think you even remotely like Red, you'll LOVE Vocano Red. It's incredibly deep, rich and liquid... I don't much care for red, and yet Volcano Red kills me when I see it!

photo taken at the "paris Rallye" by a friend of mine

and second phots taken by me at the MTC

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Those look volcano orange to me, not volcano red.
Those look volcano orange to me, not volcano red.
Yeah - pretty sure this is VolOrange...
They may not be V red, but both of those pictures are freaking awesome! Wow! My fave VO pics yet.
apologies !

didnt catch it was the red one you are searching
we saw an exemplary at the mtc and the colour was more "red" than in the press photo's you can find in the forum


with black details like rims or mirror C, it was astonishing

i thnk the mp4 is one of the sportcars, it is very difficult to choose the right color because there are so much very beautiful ones
I dislike red cars - but I've ordered Volcano Red. Enough said!
I have also gone for Volcano Red even though I have never had a red car before and that includes the two Ferrraris I've owned! I was drawn to the colour when I went to the factory last October and confirmed my order when I saw one in the flesh at the London showroom opening. Simply stunning. Although I have to say the black looks awesome too.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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