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Visiting MTC

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Gentlemen, I have flown over to London to catch the back half of the Olympics, and have been able to secure a tour of MTC/MPC this coming Friday afternoon. I assume I will get to see a Spider first hand, but what are the odds of a) catching a glimpse of P12 (I suppose I could get 'lost' just looking for the lavatory), and b) getting a demo of a fully-functional Doris? I must say I am way more excited about this visit than my 16-year-old daughter who is reluctantly coming with me to Woking. She prefers to stay behind to attempt to locate Ryan Lochte.

Any special points of interest of which I should be aware while there, besides absolutely everything about the place?
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All the guys and girls who have hosted the MPC/MTC visits have had tremendous knowledge and enthusiasm for all things Mclaren.

If you have any interest in F1 engineering it is worth letting them explain the difference between the aero F1 cars and post aero cars....Lewis Hamilton first win was in the last of the aero cars. The details on all the cars on display is mind boggling.

The P12 won't be there on Friday as they are bringing it round my place for a critique.......I cannot tell a lie, honest.
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