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Visiting MTC

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Gentlemen, I have flown over to London to catch the back half of the Olympics, and have been able to secure a tour of MTC/MPC this coming Friday afternoon. I assume I will get to see a Spider first hand, but what are the odds of a) catching a glimpse of P12 (I suppose I could get 'lost' just looking for the lavatory), and b) getting a demo of a fully-functional Doris? I must say I am way more excited about this visit than my 16-year-old daughter who is reluctantly coming with me to Woking. She prefers to stay behind to attempt to locate Ryan Lochte.

Any special points of interest of which I should be aware while there, besides absolutely everything about the place?
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Well that was quite awesome. The entire facility was quiet today as the F1 folks are on a mandatory two week holiday which they seem to have extended to the MPC as well. So, my lovely guide Jennie was able to take me on to the production floor explaining the happenings at virtually every station. Everyone jokes about it, but the cleanliness of the place is astounding. I hoped I might see at least a water spot on the glass of the 'monsoon' test chamber, but alas it was crystal clear.

I got to sit in a freshly-minted silver spider which they now have on display on the turntable in MTC since yesterday. (There were about half a dozen completed spiders I could see, which they said were to be used as demo/press vehicles already off the line in MPC.). Roof mechanism is fun to watch, and very quick. Roof up, I still like the look of the coupe better, but that's almost universally true for every coupe vs. convertible. However, roof down the spider is drop dead gorgeous. It definitely has me thinking. Had the new perforated leather inserts on the seats too, very nice. No Doris demo unfortunately. I get the feeling it's still not quite ready for prime time. Was IS ready is the bluetooth and antenna enhancements. The '13s have a radio antenna integrated into the windscreen. Ours will get one retrofitted somewhere in front of the boot, behind the bumper as part of the coming upgrade.

You could spend the whole day looking at and hearing about the heritage cars on the 'boulevard' at MTC. Three F1's there too, all racing variety including one long tail. First time I have ever seen an F1 of any type up close. One of these apparently has been promised to Lewis when he wins his third drivers championship (with McLaren of course!)

Lastly, I was able to examine some volcano yellow body panels from inches away. The metallic fleck has a slightly green hue, which I was told deliberately evokes the Brazilian flag as a tribute to Senna. That's really cool if it was actually the intent.
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...almost forgot, no sign of P12 anywhere, although there is a section of the MPC floor which is empty 'in case we decide to build something else here.'. When I asked Jennie directly, all I got was, "What's P12?". Jennie knows the drill.

Ron was there too escorting around another guest. Never got to speak to him though. I did meet and speak to Alan Foster, the Director of Operations. I think we will see something exciting at Paris Auto Show next month.
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