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video - Button arriving at Italy launch

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I absolutely LOVE how the headlights look. So glad they implemented the LEDs this way and bucked the trend of seeing all the individual bulbs that everybody else is doing. In fact, I wish they'd have done something similar for the rear lights.
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Man, we do indeed think alike. The 458 Italia's headlight housing w/ the Lite-Brite'like tract of LED's in the headlight-housing is a design aspect that I still can't wrap my fancy towards. Ditto for late-model/current Audi offerings w/ their snake-like LED arrays.

And regarding the front/rear lights & side-markers of the MP4-12C, I believe those aspects of the platform will age quite well as they aren't overly polarizing but instead form-following-functional elements w/ still some modern flair. A rear light diffuser over the LED taillights would've definitely helped the individual LED's emit a more confluence light signature.

Anywayz... some randomness for the day (or night), the Honda HSV concept (road-going version was tested in N'ring, but '08 global recession kiboshed it) had some neat headlights, I often recall 'em when I think of the MP4-12c:
Yes and I just saw the brand new 911 still has the string of LEDs in front, too. Ho hum.

Great pics of the Honda, thanks. :)
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