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New issue is worth reading for comments on the revised 12C in their Supercar Showdown. They definitely feel that the updates improve the car and having spent more time with it, they are now understanding the overall brilliance of its design.

Ollie Marriage:

"this is a different, better car than the one we drove on the Isle of Man."

"It's been described as characterless, but that's just not the case - in fact, I reckon it's one of the most thrilling cars here - but its personality is reserved, not romantic."

Paul Horrell:

"I'd driven it a few weeks before this trip, and there were issues with the throttle and brake responses, and the engine noise. They were all a bit soft. These it turned out, were provisional calibrations, and McLaren Automotive, like the race team it shares a building with, jumped in and altered the software controlling all three of those things, and, sure enough, today on this mountain it's better in each dimension. But it's still not the knife-sharp headbanger a Ferrari 458 is.

This does not mean it's got less character than the Ferrari. It is simply that its character is to be reserved. It isn't all over you. It can do astounding things, but it simply refuses to make a fuss. The suspension is a game-changing achievement. Its level yet remarkably damped ride isn't just making life comfortable. No, the suppleness means that up here, even on viciously lumpy corners, it just sails along, undisturbed, letting you get on with the job. Same with the all-around vision: handy when driving in town, but equally handy on a narrow hairpin. And the traction out of bends is simply astounding. Remember that Top Gear TV lap time?"

I won't quote any more to avoid spoiling the read. But also of particular note, one of the reviewers claims the Meridian sound system is the best car stereo he's ever heard.
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