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Trackday: Silverstone GP on 26th April 2012

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Anyone else attending ?
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Across the Pond so can't make it unfortunately
Will be there 28th May, can't make the one next week.
Am I the only one ?
i fancy this but have never done Gold Track before, what are they like ? full of like minded people or the hooligan in hot hatch ?
You may not be...trying to move diary!!
Goldtrack are excellent. No hot hatches, lots of caterhams, elises, radicals in my experience.
There will also be another couple of McLaren's, 2-3 Aventador's.

All in all, they do have some pretty good customers, with Carrera GT's, Enzo's, etc

But watch out for the loonies in Pork GT3 RS's......
Goldtrack is great , probably the best trackday organiser ( along with bat and Rma ) .
Some very high end things on track and very well run .
Carrera gt will be on the hunt that day ;)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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