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To IRIS or not?

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I am new to the forums and am finalizing my MP4-12C order for an April delivery. My concerns / questions revolve around the IRIS system, as it is no longer a "required option". In the States, this is a 6,850.00 adder. The way I understand it :

Standard sound system :
Meridian sourced
4 speakers

Meridian sourced
7 speakers
Voice activation
WLAN connectivity

I have read comments from McLaren that IRIS will do things never before seen in the industry. Any clues?
Does anyone have a working IRIS to report on ?
Sound quality difference between the two ?
A power difference / subwoofer ?

If it’s going to provide satellite radio, a back up camera, over-the-air software updates for the car, in car telemetry, in car dyno, or race track playback, I would find it worth the adder. 7K for nav and 3 more speakers is not something I want to blindly sign up for.

Thanks !!

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I understood that one of the things that IRIS will offer is the ability to set the car up for specific tracks, which it will recognize via its GPS. This sounds waaaaay too clever, so might have been simple hype tho'

Don't think a back-up camera is part of it - you have to pay extra for parking sensors, at least in the US.

I specc'd IRIS to be able to upload all my tunes etc.

Texas Mongrel, get with Gren at Park Place and let's get together. I would love to see your Ford GT.

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well, I'm definitely driving up to the big D for McLaren's Grand Opening on Jan 19th, but my sister will be in town, so I'll need to take the Range Rover so all of us can fit. Hopefully I will get to meet a bunch of you guys at the party tho'

Santa didn't leave my new car under the tree, but I did get a biography of Bruce McLaren, so he was on the right track.

merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone, let's hope we'll all be driving Macs in 2012
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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