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I need some advice on how to go about selling my McLaren – if I decide to go that route. It is a 2014 Volcano Yellow Spider and I’m the first owner. It has just over 12K miles and is in showroom like condition. I will be 70 years old this year and must admit this was a bit of a silly purchase for me. I’ve never been able to drive this car anywhere near its potential. I’ve never used the launch mode. It has the original tires on it and they’re not worn out – although, being five years old, they should be replaced. I do drive it and believe letting cars sit is not good for them, but suspect most would characterize what I’ve provided the car is “break-in” type miles.
Here is the thing: while far beyond my capabilities, it is just an incredible automobile, and I really love it. Letting it go would is a difficult decision, but we’re trying to downsize and it is one of seven vehicles. It’s been almost completely trouble-free. It had water in one taillight and some hose clamps repaired, all under warranty. I’ve done all annual services at the local McLaren dealer in Scottsdale. It is awesome to drive. I only wish my driving ability was more aligned with the capabilities of the car.
My only thought so far is that given the sales tax advantage, a private sale is probably best. My license plate is “MCLAREN.” I assume I should be free with my VIN number, right – so people can look it up on CarFax or whatever? It’s SBM11BAA2EW002977. Any ideas on what would be a fair price for the car?
Thanks for any help or advice.
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