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Thinking of parting my 458 Speciale for a 765LT

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As the title suggests, I've always been a fan of McLaren, even worked there at one point. Though I could never really stomach the massive depreciation though the 765LT seems to be holding quite strong after some time now, what do people think? Or would I massively regret it :ROFLMAO: Thanks!
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What question are you asking? You have a. 765 and want to swap for a 458 Speciale? Its like 150hp difference. And you will notice it.

I just sold my Pista to get another mclaren and personally would have a Pista over a Speciale any day of the week. But its your money and your preference. Buy what you enjoy driving the most.
Not had chance to drive a Pista yet, though I'm interested to know exactly why you sold it for a McLaren :cool:

Eh? If you're buying used, the depreciation is a benefit. And how many people on McLaren Life do you think are going to recommend a Ferrari?
Well I certainly don't understand why any McLaren owner can't recommend someone a Ferrari? I've owned many sports and supercars (apart from McLaren's) and I could recommend most of them despite what I currently have in my garage.
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Ferrari makes some great cars. Pista was awesome. However, after owning the Pista and the 720 at the same time (720 now replaced by the 765 spider) I just prefer the drive of Mclarens. Now mind you I have not had any seat time behind the 296 or a SF 90. My buddy has an SF90 and loves it. I do currently have a deposit on a 296.

But back to the question- here are several reasons I prefer the drive of the Mclaren to the Pista
  1. Carbon tub- I dont care what anyone says- the carbon tub is vastly superior to an aluminum chasis. The car feels more rigid and more connected to the road. The handling is more precise due to the stiffness of the car.
  2. Power - 765 (even 720) just felt quicker than the Pista. All are ridiculously fast but the Mclarens had more pep, more jump, instant power.
  3. Weight- the couple hundred pounds makes a difference.

Now this is not to say the Ferrari was a slouch- it was a great drive. But after 3 years of ownership, I just enjoyed driving my Mclarens better, so much so that I sold my Pista to add a 675LT with a roof scoop.

Im looking forward to driving the 296 as Ferrari has upped the HP game tremendously and supposedly the car is blistering fast and quick. Not sure about the handling as it still doesnt have a carbon tub. At the end of the day, no wrong choices here. Even the Speciale- I personally would not want one because you will feel the hp difference but they are fun cars and the last of the NA models.

Good luck in whatever you do.

This is awesome thank you! I've not yet driven or experienced the newer generations of the carbon tub (720s) just yet, so I am keen to get behind the wheel.

I have driven the 296, I actually spent about 3-4 hours with it in St Moritz, Switzerland. The thing is definitely brutal, and I feel as if generally the short wheel base made it feel quite lively and fun, After some hours I wasn't worn out at all its really something anyone can use daily and also very spacious inside.

I'm going to try and SF90 soon, definitely some serious kit it seems... On the topic of McLaren, I've watched all the youtube hype and social media fizz, but generally I'm looking for more realistic ownership experiences etc, theres quite a lot of doom porn out there so thats why I came here to gauge an alternative opinion before setting my mind to it!
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Here is my 2 cent.

I have owned a 458 Speciale from new since 2014 and I sold it in 2021, along with my 2006 Ford GT, to trade in for my Senna LM. I loved my 458 Speciale, especially in later years because with all of the turbo charged engines that came out, it made the drive in the Speciale extra special. Yes, it doesn't have a lot of power, but it is also one of a few cars where you can enjoy all of the power on the canyons because you could actually floor the throttle and listen to that beautiful NA V8 at 9000rpm. Not a great track car, where I can cook the brakes in 2 laps time, but a fun street car 100%.

Do I miss the NA engine of my ex 458 Speciale? Yes I do, so that's why I am getting a Huracan STO, with that beautiful NA V10 engine. Turbo engines are dime a dozen and you are always chasing after the next greatest thing. Speed is great, but that is only one component of what makes a drive special. No turbo engine can ever reproduce the sound and the immediacy of a great naturally aspirated engine. Do I enjoy the turbo engine in my Senna LM? Of course I do, but I understand the limitations and the downfall of a heavily boosted engine. But I appreciate the Senna LM for its other attributes, the last of the non-hybrid assisted hardcore hypercar. Mclaren won't be able make a car like the Senna anymore going forward with the new regulations.

I had a 488 Pista, I sold that crap in 3 months time. I think most of the Speciale owners sold their Pista as well. The car sounded like a vacuum machine, but so does most of Mclarens (eg. 720, 570). If you look at the history of Mclaren cars, be prepared to take hit on the 765LT on depreciation after a few years. But I think it will fare better than before. The Speciale is the last NA V8 for Ferrari.

Having said that, the 765LT is a great driver's car and you will be blown away with the overall experience and performance. The steering feel on the 765LT coupe is sublime, and I prefer the coupe over the spider in terms of steering, engine noise, and overall calibration. I have driven both extensively, but that's just my take and confirmed by a few fellow journalist friends. Depreciation be damned, it's only money! :LOL:

Its really one of the primary reasons I didn't get a modern turbocharged super car, on paper its easier and cheaper to go with a Pista or even an F8, but they all to me literally sound the same (TT-V8) Speciale was really one the last NA V8s that I could really buy. I'm all about frequencies having spent my earlier days in the realm of music, so vibrations are extremely important!! :ROFLMAO: Though having said, it's not very often in the UK we have the weather, temp, and conditions to really spread all 8 cylinders to 9k! It always takes forever to warm the tyres up as well before you can really get going haha!
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Indeed, the whole ordeal strongly makes me consider moving out of here!! 😆

Well, if you have a hard time warming up your Cup 2 on your Speciale in the UK, it will be impossible for you to do that with the Trofeo R :LOL:
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My Pista has a full inconel Novitec and sounds incredible - all the high pitched ‘Ferrari noises’ added to enhanced turbo whistles and wastegate

Stock Pista is lacking hugely and I almost sold it prior to getting the exhaust fitted. Made all the difference.

For context, I am used to Porsche GT cars with JCR and own a 765LT Spider. Pista sounds best
Just been watching the videos of the Novitec PIsta... Sounds absolutely mega!! Would love to hear that in real life, a beautiful balance between all the turbos noises whilst having some of that high pitched signature in there. I've never seen this before, really awesome!
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