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Thinking of parting my 458 Speciale for a 765LT

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As the title suggests, I've always been a fan of McLaren, even worked there at one point. Though I could never really stomach the massive depreciation though the 765LT seems to be holding quite strong after some time now, what do people think? Or would I massively regret it :ROFLMAO: Thanks!
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Re: Sound..

I had an F12 with IPE exhaust
458 speciale with Capristo exhaust.

Typical use/drive for me (which would be pretty similar for people who live in the suburbs).

Cold start in my garage - what a sound!
Engine temps/oil still cold on my drive out of my driveway to outside my neighborhood. Keep it in the low RPM's. This is a one mile drive to get onto normal city roads.

Make a right turn onto a two lane road (one lane each way); engine temps and oil is warm now and RPM's have opened up.... I have 1/4 mile to the next traffic light and one lane to the right where a car could come out of but very rare that it does. No traffic infront of me. I can floor it for about 250 yards before I pump the brakes to stop at the light. Sound was pleasing for 3 to 4 seconds.

Left turn at that major intersection - two lanes each way. Highway entrance about 8 miles away with 4 traffic lights in between. Make the turn, get upto 4th gear and pull back because I caught up with traffic and way above the speed limit. Sound was very pleasing. Now in traffic and into 5th/6th gear because I don't like how the car feels in 2nd gear at 7000 RPM's for a sustained period. Not much sound in 5th/6th gear in traffic at 50 mph.

Get to the on-ramp; navigate it and a short 200 yards to merge into traffic. Good exhaust sound in lower gear as RPM's increase for a few seconds. Merge into traffic and have to go into 7th gear and 2,500 rpm's. Nothing special I can hear with the sound at that RPM and gear.

Get off the highway after about 8 miles of cruising in 6th/7th gear. Take a short road to a restaurant to eat with friends. Finish meal. Do the route in reverse. Pleasing sound is maybe 20 seconds on a 20 mile round trip drive.

Another day; let's go on a canyon drive and go to Alice's on the west side of the Bay. Go drive 45 miles in normal traffic each way and the majority of it is highway driving in 7th gear at 3,000 rpm's. Get to the canyons and drive in 2nd gear at 4,000 rpm's and the car doesn't like it. Get behind minivans, bicyclists, slow moving traffic. Such a boring drive and can't hear the sound and can't really throttle it anywhere.

Let's try a different canyon on a different day... Let's go to Napa. Drive 70 miles each way in normal highway traffic in 6th/7th gear at 3000 rpm's. Get to the canyons and can do some high speed driving which can get me arrested but man that sound is so good for those brief seconds. All the other cars on the drive are telling me how amazing it is but I'm not hearing what they are hearing since I'm fairly insulated inside the car.

Time for speciale to go because I can only hear that glorious exhaust for less then one minute on a typical drive.

I also had STO and sold it recently.

Exhaust sound as a selling point is good on paper.... Practically speaking; its not really applicable for the typical drive with these cars.
This is what happens when you buy cars with roofs.
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or even get those damn Trofeo R to warm up properly on the street. Time to sell the Mclaren! Just kidding...
¯\(ツ)/¯ apparently nobody puts actual street tires on the 765.
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