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Thinking of parting my 458 Speciale for a 765LT

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As the title suggests, I've always been a fan of McLaren, even worked there at one point. Though I could never really stomach the massive depreciation though the 765LT seems to be holding quite strong after some time now, what do people think? Or would I massively regret it :ROFLMAO: Thanks!
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I had a 458 speciale and sold it for my 765LT. The difference between the cars is shocking. My speciale and regular 458 I had before it were great. Dream cars for me since I was in college. But the performance was such that you could get accustomed pretty quickly. If I drove my speciale 3-4 days in a row I got used to the way it performed and it didn’t excite me much anymore. I’d need to step back for a few days. I believe this is called hedonistic adaption.

The 765, on its first drive, was revelatory. It’s insane. It feels like it’s bending space and time. And because it’s so fast and really the only thing limiting the car from catapulting you into another dimension is the traction of the tires, you don’t really grow accustomed to its speed. At 120 mph, flooring it in the Ferrari didn’t feel like much. In the McLaren, it will still pin you back.

I’d personally recommend it. Plus I think 458 specialies are over priced currently. So now is the time to make the move.
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¯\(ツ)/¯ apparently nobody puts actual street tires on the 765.
The street P zeros work great on the car
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