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The Wild 2024 Lamborghini Invencible and Autentica Are a Fitting Farewell to the V-12!

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There was only one way to properly celebrate the history of the Lamborghini V-12: create one-off masterpieces of Italian supercars using the roaring beasts.

With the rise of electrification of the modern automotive powertrain, naturally aspirated engines like the Lamborghini V-12 weren't long for this world. While amazing examples of engineering, the power, efficiency, and reduction of emissions a hybrid powertrain provides are just too many advantages to give up for a legacy engine. To bid this legendary V-12 a proper goodbye before Lamborghini's first hybrid setup debuts, the Italian supercar builder found that the only way to say farewell was to build two one-off masterpieces that celebrate this fire-breathing beast.

Tire Wheel Cloud Sky Vehicle

Both the Invencible coupe and Autentica roadster pay tribute to several V-12 powered Lamborghinis before the brand goes into its hybrid future. There are elements of the Sesto Elemento, an homage of lightness and motorsports; the Reventon, a unique take on aeronautical style; The Essenza SCV12, an imposing design of high-performance aerodynamics; and the Veneno, a quest for aerodynamic perfection. All of the characteristics from each of those legendary Lamborghinis were built into an Aventador chassis by Lamborghini Centro Stile to create the ultimate in V-12-powered performance.

To top it all off, distinctive visual cues were added like the hexagonal LED running lights, air intakes and Inconel triple central exhaust system, similar to the Sesto Elemento. Both new cars are a marvel to look at from the outside."

Continues in the link!

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V12's, the more the merrier.馃檪
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looks very nice but if I ever hear anyone say Mclaren makes too many models, Im gonna slap them. Between Porsche and Lambo, we have the too many models things covered.

Also 769hp out of a v12 in a car that weighs 4000 pounds? This thing will sell like hotcakes Im sure.
I agree on the "too many models" angle. The very worst when I investigated "variants" was one the German marques.

As for these cars my friend they, the Coupe and Roadster are individually named. They are 1 of 1's.馃檪

Strange timing a couple of months before the Lamborghini Aventador replacement is shown and that's sold out for 2-3 years. Upwards of $500K with healthy options.

Serious money.
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Beautiful, I like the more aggressive look.
I prefer the Lamborghini Sian but I'll need to see these in motion. It's angular and aggressive but has softer curves than these, I think. Not long to wait.

But the McLaren 750S is grabbing us more. The final rear wheel drive V8 non hybrid.

A pumped up Artura architecture if that's true as a replacement, well not quite the same some say.
It looks like a rolling cruise ship.
That's definitely new on me man.馃檪
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