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Working in partnership with Ice Performance in Scottsdale, Arizona this W463A G-Class was fitted with one of HRE’s more iconic wheels – the 540. The 540 was re-realeased in 2018 to celebrate HRE’s 40th anniversary. It is available with three different lip types and for this occasion the client chose the reverse lip version called the 540R. This version eliminates any “step” in the lip design which further exaggerates the deep dish look. In Scottsdale the terrain is much different than what we find here in Miami so this G550 may see more off-roading than the average G-Wagon and because of that Toyo Open Country M/T’s were added for good measure. Let us know what you think about the setup by commenting below.

Client G-Class Gallery: G-Class – Wheels Boutique

Wheel Specs:
HRE 540R
Size: 22"x11"
Finish: Satin Bronze Center || Frozen Brushed Bronze Outer || Satin Bronze Inner
Tires: Toyo Open Country M/T
Tire Size: 33"x12.50"x22"

Also Available: 17” to 21” & 24” Sizing || Gloss, Stone, & Polished Finishes

Visit & contact us for details, availability, and pricing on HRE Wheels & Toyo Tires.

For more photos of this vehicle visit: Mercedes-Benz W463A G550 on HRE 540R
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