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the 3 modes for power

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hello everyone,

i have a doubt which has been bothering me for some time now. When Chriss Harris , a well known automotive journalist, tested the MP4-12C he gave a certain explanation about the three moders which alter the power-train. My doubt is this, he said the car felt like a "normal" ferrari F430 in sport and like a 458 italia in track mode. Is there an actual difference in the power output between the three modes..? Like in the Noble M600 ? Or does the MP4-12C always produce the now claimed 600 plus horse power..??

Thank you,

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Note to ones self,i must secure my internet :D

Andy, better something than nothing but a secure internet is an oxymoron if there ever was one!
Andy, better something than nothing but a secure internet is an oxymoron if there ever was one!
Ah!! but being a supercar driver i need to compare sites for penis extensions,guess i will just have to live with the embarresment !!:)
I understand you guys want everything promised to be working, but seriously, only car I use Nav on is my daily driver. Iphone and free mapquest app. works great on my cars with crappy or no Nav at all. For now, enjoy what the car was designed for, performance driving.
My 12C is my daily driver and that is what it was designed for (allegedly), remember all of those AND car discussions in other threads? I actually paid for IRIS over 9 months ago (am I the only one dumb enough to have done so?) so expecting it to work is not unreasonable.

As an aside, how on earth did a thread about the 3 powertrain settings become a full blown IRIS debate? Maybe we need to rename this thread.
I'm working in the software industry for a long time and also have some experience with custom built navigation systems.

IMO it's extremely hard to believe that McLaren can build an up-to-date navigation system from scratch (not just the GUI) in only one years time.

So it's either just the GUI (which would be just fine to me and make perfect sense) or it will be very basic and potentially buggy in the beginning. From what I saw in the spider (IRIS beta version) it offers average graphics and performance and therefore somewhat falls behind the overall impression of the car and the standards set by McLaren themselves.

If the MY2013 upgrade is postphoned due to missing hardware parts that would not worry me but if it is due to the navigation software still not beeing ready for delivery, that would not be a good sign..

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