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the 3 modes for power

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hello everyone,

i have a doubt which has been bothering me for some time now. When Chriss Harris , a well known automotive journalist, tested the MP4-12C he gave a certain explanation about the three moders which alter the power-train. My doubt is this, he said the car felt like a "normal" ferrari F430 in sport and like a 458 italia in track mode. Is there an actual difference in the power output between the three modes..? Like in the Noble M600 ? Or does the MP4-12C always produce the now claimed 600 plus horse power..??

Thank you,

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Unbelievable as it sounds, rather than work with an existing supplier such as Garmin, TomTom or Navteq, McLaren have created their own system from scratch.

I asked whether it was just the GUI that was bespoke, with a third party 'engine' embedded within but to my horror and astoundment I was told that the whole system has been coded from scratch...

Now that's a mammoth task, especially when you consider that almost every system you see these days is mature and sophisticated after having been enhanced over many years.

McLaren are for some reason trying to reinvent the wheel!

(This must be because their aspirations are to have complete control of all components of their products - Ron's way)

IMHO It's therefore inevitable that Iris Nav v1 will be more basic than rival systems, and probably more buggy too...

For me the bluetooth integration is more important, but when it comes to McNav we should prepare to be underwhelmed, at least initially!
This is simply insane and irresponsible. We are gonna be dealing with crappy system for years. Why not do google maps integration or something? Even with a subscription model?

The very idea of coding their own system from scratch is just laughable. Hard to believe. It shows that their understanding of consumer market is very limited.
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