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That didn't take long

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Hello again,

A week ago I posted about driving the 12C on the track at Exotics near Las Vegas. Since then I've been preoccupied with research and boyish dreaming. I just put down a deposit for early 2013 delivery. That way I can enjoy other cars now and have no winter issues. Also I'd like to give the teams time to work out any bugs, not that I've heard of any major ones.

I'll be asking for help spec'ing the car, though HyperMac's option thread is already making it clearer in my mind.

What's the lastest on the factory tour? Can one just appear or call a few days in advance? I live in northern USA but have a friend who works in Bristol. I need to visit her. She won't be flattered by the agenda though...

Peace and good beer
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:) Worth the wait. I looked at my diary last wednesday and it was a year since my deposit, so I thought maybe I should call and see when I was going to be asked to make a decision. Before I had a chance, the dealer called me and the decision is made - 3 months to go, cant wait!
excellent,were in the world??:)
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