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Ten Thousand Miles and climbing

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Just cracked ten thousand miles this morning (that's something like 16K kilometers for those of you in the old country. Or Canada.) I love this car. It's amazing. Keeps going strong. And I'm going to put that 3 yr, unlimited miles warranty to the test. And in talking with Anthony Sharriff and Tony Joseph at Pebble Beach - that sounds like what they want to see! So I faith in the support over the life of the vehicle.

The good:
1) I still wake up every morning excite that I get to rock my McLaren.
2) Customer service has been unparalleled.
3) I know wholeheartedly I'm going to drive it til the wheels fall off.
4) I don't a flying %$# about depreciation due to mileage. A McLaren with sub-1000 miles is an insult to the brand.
5) Track days are a blast in the car - particularly being able to roll up, run faster than most anything else out there, and then drive home. On the same tires.
6) Speaking of tires, still on the originals. Speaks volumes.

My problems todate:
1) Driver door wouldn't latch (replaced same day)
2) Passenger seat sensor WAY too sensitive
3) Rattle in menu selector stalk
4) Vaccuum check valve failure (replaced w/ door latch)
5) Blown off intake hose (fixed on side of road)
6) Two cracked windshields (one just a flying bolt from truck ahead of me, one from TE)
7) Suspension sensor fault (replaced same day).
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I think McLaren should hold a race. First one to 100,000 miles gets a free P13.
:D:cool: best idea of the month!
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