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The San Francisco-based Taylor Lynn Foundation’s McLaren MP4-12C featuring AWE Tuning McLaren MP4-12C Performance Catalysts and Exhaust will be featured at this year’s Motorsports Gathering at The Quail Lodge, in Carmel California on August 16th. The McLaren will be positioned in front of a tent sponsored by the vehicle’s livery designer Robert Graham, and The Club, a designer clothing and accessories boutique.

The Taylor Lynn Foundation is a very cool charity which focuses on helping children and emphasizing the importance of "taking a moment to give back" and paying it forward. This particular MP4-12C is owned by a private individual and has recently been used to help promote the charity and raise money through numerous events, including the goldRush Rally. Thanks to the AWE Tuning system, and the fellow rally participants/AWE Tuning retailers at TAG Motorsports, hopefully this particular 12C can turn a few more heads.

AWE Tuning would like to use this opportunity to help get the word out about the Taylor Lynn Foundation, in hopes that they are able to help a few more kids out as a result of the car's presence at this event, as well as others.

If you are headed to the event this Friday, and are looking to learn more about the Taylor Lynn Foundation, or the AWE Tuning system, the vehicle's owner will be on hand.
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