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Had a chance to drive the spider today and wanted to give some first impressions.

First, I never thought I would see any brand of spider that, with the roof up, would look better than the coupe, but now I have. The thing is gorgeous in person and, to my eye, outshines the coupe, and on looks alone I would choose it.

My coupe is a 2012 (serial number in the 1200’s) with all the updates and everything has worked quite well. The spider seemed slightly better in almost all regards from shifting, to the doors closing, to the message always popping up saying “pull stalk to return seat to previous position” when you get in and close the door (a little random on my coupe). McLaren seems to have polished up the whole car a bit, mechanically and electronically speaking.

Significant difference in the exhaust - with top up and back window up, it is quieter than the coupe, which would be wonderful for long trips. I think the chamber for the roof acts as a sound insulator. As you lower the back window, the exhaust sound grows to be a good deal louder than the coupe with its windows up. So basically you can dial in the exhaust level you want (real exhaust sound, not the piped in stuff which I turn off for all settings).

And, as has been reported, there is absolutely no detectable flex in the body – absolutely zero. As we all know this simply has never been done before. I have had a lot of spiders over the years and got rid of them all. Hated the flex, vibrating mirrors, squeaks, etc.

With top down, I thought wind noise control was good. Took it up to about 75 (windows, including back window, raised) and found it quite pleasant and could carry on a normal conversation. Of course, my hearing is not so hot, so your mileage may vary.

Never thought I would see a spider that didn’t make you give up something of significance, but this one doesn’t (unless you are really bothered by the extra 80 lbs. – I’m not) and its better looking besides. When I read that they were planning on something like 85% or 90% spider sales going forward, I didn’t believe it, but now I think they may be right.

To wrap up, I did make the mistake of having my check book with me and have committed to a trade.:D:D
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