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Love the quote "McLaren MP4-12C represents the biggest leap forward in supercar technology in a generation." Much like the NSX when it came out it put Ferrari on its heels because of its advanced suspension, chassis, and reliability etc.
Cool, innit? And this is only the beginning. Exciting times ahead.
Ok, so I know McLaren don't design F1 engines, they didn't design the engines in any of the SLR's or indeed in the F1 road car. So exactly what did they design for the 12C if it actually based on Nissan deigned engine? I thought everything was a 'blank paper design'.
Think it was a collaborative process with Ricardo, although McLaren would have stipulated the spec brief (weight, torque, power, response, etc.). Doesn't seem like much was actually carried over from the original race motor, except perhaps bore, v-angle, etc.
You'll have to explain further please.
McLaren designs a car from scratch to their own specification, a 'blank paper' design. Then it goes looking or an engine from other car manufacturers that fits the brief rather than actually designing an engine (or having one designed) - presumably approaching a lot of potential engine suppliers/car manufacturers? Why? Cost?
McLaren then I assume negotiates to buy the rights to this engine from Nissan. Hands the purchased design to Ricardo who then adapt it to meet the required spec for the 12C and obviously other later models. Surely they are using more than bore and v angle, otherwise why buy the design - unless I don't understand the significance of the bore size and v angle?
I don't really know. I'm going off the same publicly available info as everyone else, so your guess is as good as mine. I'll make a note of asking the next time I talk to somebody who would know. Yes, I assume it was a matter of cost as it relates to developing in-house expertise at this stage of the company's plan. I think Whitmarsh was asked if they would now start making their own motors for F1 and the road cars. He was pretty open about saying the business plan and volume did not yet indicate that as a no brainer. Plus the Merc engine in F1 is likely still the best.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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