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Someone's been busy...

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Had an itch about my air filters and whether they were really done as part of the CPO when I bought it 12.5k ago... Turns out they had been but what the heck, replaced em anyway!
Was gonna pull the foam liners but it turns out they were replaced as well are in brand new condition still... I don't drive in the rain and the insides of the airboxes were pristine! With only a few bits of debris...

Not terribly hard per se, just a LOT of bolts per liner (23!! 19 10mm hex heads & 4 T5 Torx IIRC) plus 3 7mm bolts for the air box covers. And having to get the car in the air for my broken bones to be able to handle the job... When dropping the liners down, REMEMBER to disconnect the TPMS module that is bolted to it!!

Now back to driving more!! ♥♥

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