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Some questions from a new owner

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I've taken my first step into the world of McLaren, just purchased a 570GT (taking delivery on Friday as I'm traveling atm). I've followed McLaren for years and with all the Porsche and Lotus Emira delays I suddenly wondered if a pre-owned McLaren was possible. And it was. Still feels somewhat surreal but am excited to get behind the wheel.

I am planning to drive the 570 fairly regularly but not as a daily driver and likely not at the track. Given touring and weekend trips are the focus, I had some questions:

  • Is the trickle charger from McLaren a must or will something like one from CTEK do the job? The dealership are offering me one for $350 which seems steep.
  • Related, I thought the engine bay on the 570GT was sealed (or at least not easily accessible), where are the charge points for the battery?
  • Any suggestions on luggage that fit the frunk?

Finally, think the first addition will be a front/rear dashcam and I like the setup Invictus had using a completely separate battery so I'll probably run with that. Still deciding on the actual cam but the BlackVue DR900X-2CH looks pretty solid.

That'll do for now, any help would be great.
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Wow, thanks for all the advice all. Sounds like I can just try out a few overnight bags, back packs etc and find something that works for luggage/weekend trips.

The battery is an interesting one. I do plan to drive it regularly and I have heard that Li Ion/Polymer batteries prefer to be kept 50-80% charged so driving it for a few hours each week might be ideal - the alternator will charge it, then it can discharge a bit during the week, then charge it again after one or two weeks. And set a reminder to check it each week! :)

I will reconsider track days. Am a little worried about the brakes but I guess I'll get a feel for them and decide. Would likely want different tyres as well.. but could always switch them out for track days.

I'll figure out the dash cam and yeah, I'll run with the separate battery. Invictus I may well contact you re how you ran the cables but I'll take a look once I get my hands on it.

Pics, for sure :) I took a couple at the dealership... The color is a wrap (it's silver underneath) and I think it works with the dark interior, all black trim and wheels. I arranged with the dealer to remove in the future if I didn't like it.

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Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Land vehicle

And here's one of possibly the best second hand car lot I've ever seen ;)

Car Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Tire
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