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Some questions from a new owner

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I've taken my first step into the world of McLaren, just purchased a 570GT (taking delivery on Friday as I'm traveling atm). I've followed McLaren for years and with all the Porsche and Lotus Emira delays I suddenly wondered if a pre-owned McLaren was possible. And it was. Still feels somewhat surreal but am excited to get behind the wheel.

I am planning to drive the 570 fairly regularly but not as a daily driver and likely not at the track. Given touring and weekend trips are the focus, I had some questions:

  • Is the trickle charger from McLaren a must or will something like one from CTEK do the job? The dealership are offering me one for $350 which seems steep.
  • Related, I thought the engine bay on the 570GT was sealed (or at least not easily accessible), where are the charge points for the battery?
  • Any suggestions on luggage that fit the frunk?

Finally, think the first addition will be a front/rear dashcam and I like the setup Invictus had using a completely separate battery so I'll probably run with that. Still deciding on the actual cam but the BlackVue DR900X-2CH looks pretty solid.

That'll do for now, any help would be great.
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Looks like you’re in Palo Alto. So am I, waiting on the return of my 12C. Congratulations on the purchase, hope to see you around.
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