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2+2 or

Maybe just a 2 seater? Anyway i doubt that the 'P799' renderings are correct? Looks more as a new Lotus Esprit.... The rendering that McLaren (Autocar) gave is probably more closer to reality design sign of! The latest inside info is that the engine giving at least 815 bhp with an est weight of 2600 lbs.

-Efficiency Targets-



+799 bhp


Laptimes? Well the GT3 version is said to follow up the 12C. Could that vehicle improve 2 sec on the standard car? PURE speculation from my side on this one.. 79-9 gives Chris Goodwin a laptime target of 70 seconds around Dunsfold:) Improving 6 sec from the standard car could be an uphill struggle:->

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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