Hi all,

I recently met fellow member @nate_12c and picked up a set of wheels from him that he had after he traded his Volcano Yellow 12c in for a 720. He also had the old wing that he replaced with an actual carbon fiber one. It's volcano yellow, and he had it wrapped in a carbon fiber look (has some texture to it). I told him that I'd help free up some space in his garage, and then list it on the forum here. Price is VERY negotiable, looking to help out a member who may need one for whatever reason. I have no idea what it is worth, but looks to be in great shape and the wrap is still in great shape. Run it as is, paint it to match, whatever. Local Denver area, but it's in the box the CF one came in, so I can drop it by UPS.

I know it'll fit a 12C, and I believe a 650...not sure what other cars it'll fit.