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I have been traveling a lot working on McLarens and just realized how often I’m asked to fix an issue I’ve never seen before. Usually no big deal, the solution reveals itself easily enough.

But every now and again… even the most experienced of us can get stumped.

In those situations it’s all about having the right people in your circle of trust to call upon!

So I wanted to send a shout out to my good friend who always makes himself available to collaboration and share past experience or new ideas when I’m stumped.

Dalton March was a Dallas TX McLaren Technician for 5 years and now he owns and operates an independent McLaren specialist service and repair shop in Grapevine TX.

If you have a question or you are in his area you can easily connect with him at or here on McLarenLife as @March_MotorsportsDFW

As the McMedics travel the world and make McLarens perform better every day, Dalton is at the ready to do the same for those of you lucky enough to live in his region.

Maybe some of you have already worked with Dalton? If so I would love to hear some of your experiences!

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Dalton is a very nice guy! We work with him as well and have only had great interactions.

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New guy here to the community but I've been lurking since I bought my McLaren.

Sent my 2015 650S that I had owned over a year to Dalton after noticing the car hesitating in higher RPMs which ended tripping a check engine light. Dalton was able to easily diagnose that it was due for spark plugs and ignition coils but upon further inspection found oil leaks, coolant leaks, suspension that needed a lot of work, among many other things that typically need to be replaced and/or break on these older cars.

He emailed me a quote showing the detailed break down - color coding which items were necessary immediately, what items he would address immediately but could wait if necessary, what items that needed to be addressed but were either cosmetic or not totally necessary (i.e. new tail lights because the old style had cracked which is a known issue and the need for an additional key since I only received one key when I bought the car).

I ended up doing every item he recommended. The job ended up taking about 2.5 months, a good part of that was due to processing the quote and me figuring out exactly what I wanted to do and waiting on parts to ship from England. It's been a week since I picked up the car and I have been very pleased with it and can definitely tell a difference in both the performance and handling.

I would definitely recommend Dalton for McLaren service and will definitely continue to use him in the future.
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