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Canepa Design Cars & Coffee - Scotts Valley 10th Sept
Ladies and Gents,

I am not sure if there is a Silicon Valley McLaren owners meet/club/clan/pose but I picked up a 650s Spider a few weeks ago and plan to be at Canepa Design 2nd Saturday of next month.... I snuck in last month and had a blast (you can se the tail sticking out in one of the pics published) so figured I would return once more before the rain comes.

If you are within driving distance and fancy showing some McLaren force then I'd love to see you there.. will have a friend over with a 570 also.

And yes I absolutely love the car and am amazed by the attention its getting... Also had it with me for the week for Concourse in Carmel which was an eye candy blast !

Look forward to seeing you there ...



P.S - Thats September 10th, starts at 8.30am but you can literally swing by anytime, park up, grab a donut and coffee, chat paint and BHP and scram....
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