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I was at spa a couple of weeks ago, standing in the rain, queuing for McLaren official merchandise, dreaming of taking delivery of my McLaren, with great regret I cancelled my order today.

Good news for some of you because you'll move up the list. I think I was 85th on the London list.

I've been a McLaren fan for years and religiously following the F1 team and their drivers. It was with huge excitement that I placed my "expression of interest" when they first announced the car. The service from McLaren was superb, with telephone calls and emails to keep me regularly updated with the cars development and progress. Things quickly went downhill for me when they appointed their dealers. I guess my expectations were based on the brand values of McLaren and Ron Dennis, which were always in danger of being compromised once you place your brand in the hands of an independent company. How difficult can it be to keep 100 customers informed once a month of progress and to arrange test drives or at the very least to respond to communication in a timely manner?

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