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Thanks, is it a PITA to get to ?
Time consuming, I have had the front apart about 6 times now, it is not difficult per se, but time consuming. From my memory here is what you have;
  1. Remove frunk and cabin air filter rubber.
  2. Remove 4 screws across the front of the upper moulding and remove.
  3. Remove the two side fender mouldings, these are purely push clipped in.
  4. Remove inner carpet and floor and remove the 6ish screws across the center of the two frunk half and remove the back half from the car.
  5. Mark the position of your windshield wiper and remove the two nuts holding it down. Carefully work the wiper arm loose and disconnect the washer hose.
  6. Disconnect the hood lifts, and remove the trim.
  7. Remove the windshield trim.
  8. You should have access to the wiper motor, be careful of the cast aluminum bracket and make sure to mark the position of the wiper motor as indexed on the motor.
  9. I removed the whole assembly and then swapped the motor and reinstalled. There may be a better way but I don't know.
Thats largely it, the tough spots are removing the wiper arm, reconnecting the drain hoses that drain the cowl to the ground and wiggling the motor assembly out. If you remove all the bolts it should come out relatively easy.
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