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Who is Renaissance Speed?

We are a McLaren-only performance R&D company. We are engineers by trade, who came from the McLaren community. The company founder can be found on this forum under the name of "" and has been one of the earliest and most passionate performance advocates of the McLaren brand since the 12C (circa 2015). We created this company out of frustration with other companies making false claims and poor customer service. We aim to alleviate these issues that were prominent in the early years of McLaren ownership and still exist to some extent today...​
Our goal is to elevate the McLaren platform to the same performance level of other top tier enthusiast platforms: Supra, GT-R, Viper, Corvette, etc​
This is a lofty goal, so you will see us design and test everything from new tires, to clutches, to fully built engines to earn community trust.​

What McLaren records have you held?

Performance records are a point-in-time snapshot, so the expectation is for them to be battle-hardened, momentarily eclipsed, then won back. Note, not all of these are current:​

  1. First 12C to beat a stock 720 in a ½ mile event
  2. First 12C to beat several 720S at the same ½ mile event
  3. Top ½ mile trap speed for any M838
  4. M838 60-130 MPH, VBOX verified
  5. Highest HP on Pure900s
  6. First built engine to run over 3 Bar of boost
  7. Highest HP without nitrous
  8. First McLaren in the world to crack 1,000 to the wheels on the dyno without nitrous

What other companies do you work with in the McLaren space?

The short answer is we work with the best companies out there: Mahle Motorsports, Forgeline, Dodson Motorsports, Samco Sport, PureTurbos, DynoSpectrum, Soul Performance, Bell Intercoolers, Pauter Machine, DWS Racing, ARP, CP Pistons, PTP Blankets, Driveshaft Shop, etc​

Why partner with so many companies?

Simple - subject matter expertise and scalability. No different than when we were racing our own McLaren, we approached the best in each respective vertical and asked for their input. This way we get to leverage their expertise and are guaranteed to have the best product and complete solution available.​

What products are EXCLUSIVE to Renaissance Speed?

Quite a few, with more happening on a monthly basis. Since we are the only performance company who puts together a cohesive McLaren performance package (ABSOLUTE), it is mutually beneficial for us to form strong partner relationships.​
As of this writing, the following are Renaissance Speed EXCLUSIVES:​
Pauter Connecting Rods - Supports up to 2,000 HP​
Custom Spec CP Piston - Supports up to 2,000 HP​
Driveshaft Shop Built Axles​
Billet M838 Fuel Rails with Damper Support​
Dodson Motorsports Stage 1 Clutch Upgrade​
Forgeline Beadlock Wheels​
ARP Custom Age 625+ Headstuds​
Mahle Motorsports - VP2 Racing Bearings​
Racing Intercoolers​
Samco Sport Performance Silicone Hoses​
Titanium ISG Blockoff Plates​
Motorsports Quick Change Titanium Camber Shim and Stud Conversion​
More announcements to follow soon….​
How do you know your new products work and perform as advertised?
We eat our own dogfood. Unlike most companies, we do not sell anything that we have not run ourselves or have tested on a car at the highest levels. This is the benefit of working with engineers - data driven decisions.​
In the case of our built engine, our Version 1.0 was built 2 years ago and is still breaking records today.​
We will do a teardown on video soon, analyze any wear and build a stronger Version 2.0 to make sure it survives even more power in the near future.​

Since you build engines, can you sell my shop “pistons and rods” for them to install locally?

Unfortunately not since this is a gross oversimplification. While you may be able to do something similar on a US domestic iron V8 with little repercussions, this is not the case for most European performance engines. The Ricardo M838 and M840 use 0-40W oil and have very small clearances and tolerances. The exact specifications are considered trade secrets.​
Beyond this, we take similar measures as McLaren (Ricardo) themselves to ensure every component is within specification before reassembled. For example, we measure each crankshaft main journal with a calibrated micrometer and record the dimensions, we measure each individual main housing bore with a borescope, based on these two measurements, we cross-reference a bearing grade chart that tells us which bearing will result in the desired clearance and the acceptable clearance range.​
We also torque our custom rod bolts using two ARP stretch gauges in parallel, not using ft lbs! This is a more accurate measurement and negates any friction losses.​
We install iron sleeve liners, verify liner height (protrusion) from the deck, ring gaps needed for fuel type, so on and so forth. We also have our proprietary oil pump modifications to ensure more oil pressure and volume for high HP engine builds.​
Collectively, this is the difference between an “engine builder” and a shop that wants to check a box and move on.​
We strive not only for high performance, but OE levels of reliability.​

What does ABSOLUTE and the dragon logo mean?

Simply put, it is our very best offering. It is our seal of approval that we have followed every improvement opportunity to its eventual conclusion and a commitment to revise as necessary to ensure best-in-class performance.​
If you see a number at the end of ABSOLUTE, it indicates the HP level to the wheels, not the crankshaft. So an ABSOLUTE8 makes 800 rwhp, ABSOLUTE10 makes 1000 rwhp, so on and so forth.​
Keep in mind that this is the MINIMUM horsepower level guaranteed with a dyno printout. We aim to be conservative, so expect all of our ABSOLUTE cars to be above board.​

What do you have on the roadmap?

As of this writing, there are a number of exciting engine developments happening for both the M838 and M840. Fully built heads are just around the corner. Intake manifold options are near and increased engine displacement.​
This is just the tip of the spear :)

What recent investments have you made in the community?

We just leased a new shop for ABSOLUTE builds, we have a 3,000 hp hub dyno being built for us and we have no less than 10 McLaren R&D projects in development in parallel.​
We are also product sponsors of this board and the “McLaren Lounge” forum.​

Where is Renaissance Speed located?

We are located in the New York City metropolitan area. However, we can ship a car from anywhere in the US for one of our ABSOLUTE engine builds. If you are international, we can build a complete short-block or long-block and ship it over freight.​

Do you have a dealer network?

Yes, we have over 20 dealers from around the world. If you are a shop and are interested in becoming a dealer, please contact us​

Do you have a website?

Where can I find more information about Renaissance Speed?

This forum, Instagram (@renaissancespeed), our website or SEMA​

Trusted Source: McLaren Performance & Restoration
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Fully built CNC Race Cylinder Heads with Billet Race Cams are now available! :)


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Nice work and products. It is very good to see more performance shops pushing the limits and continue to develop better performance parts for this platform.
I'm wondering about the 1/4" mile record with this 1050whp 12c?

Also any more detailed information about results of those products. For example, adding the camshaft package, how much HP will add and on which RPM? same goes to the intake manifold and other upgrades. It seems no much of information about them.
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