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Hello! I thought I would provide my experience so far with my Radical RXC coupe that is a GT3 car. I purchased the car in July from Anthony at Radical Northwest. The car had low hours on it and was in pristine condition. Car was purchased new in Spring of 2017 at a window sticker of $65k with these options:
9 piece carbon kit
sliding side windows
external charger plug
Rear view camera
Passenger seat and belts
Smarty Cam HD and GPS
AIAII Sensors
Brakes, steering and suspension data to wireless computer or plug in
A/C new in box - we installed when I purchased the car
Car radio to talk to pit crew - great feature

Link to car:

A few things that make this RXC rare is the GT3 package - Anthony stated that their are only 5 or 6 GT3 coupes in the USA. Their are about 18 total RXC coupes in the USA.

The GT3 comes with traction control and ABS standard, 18" wheels to accommodate the large 390mm brakes and even though the TT intercooler Ford EcoBoost V6 can run 650 HP this one has always ran with the restrictor plate and detuned to 500 HP which is still wicked fast for only a 2,550 LB car total with fuel.

We installed a new Hewland gearbox and axles (Sequential) to make sure the car was bulletproof for the future. They said this is a much better gearbox than the Quaife that originally came in the car. Cameron Racing out of Sonoma did a complete service on the car, new alignment, balanced the car etc to make sure it was perfect. I also purchased an extra set of forged wheels so I have two sets.

I will be doing the COTA race in November under Radical Cup. I have my SCCA Pro Card and am excited for this race.

I did my original shakedown with the car at Sonoma and it was a ton of fun. This car just sounds amazing and drives incredibly well. I strongly recommend these cars for those looking for a seriously fast and somewhat inexpensive to maintain if you are taking track days seriously and want more of a full size track car (much larger than the SR3 etc, same wheelbase pretty much as a McLaren 720).

I have the car protected with Xpel and had it wrapped for the November race. I also had one set of the practice wheels powder coated then cleared in gold and having the race wheels currently getting brushed gold finish. I will post a video from in car camera in the next couple weeks so you can hear the car from the cabin...
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