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QuickSilver McLaren 650S Ceramic Coated Downpipes and Cat-Back Sport Exhaust System:

Help your 650S find it's true singing voice. Our Ceramic Coated Downpipes and Cat-back system will get your 650S sounding how it deserves to.

Product Pages:

Ceramic Coated Downpipes: McLaren 650S Ceramic Coated Catalyst Replacement Pipes (2014 on)

Cat-Back: McLaren 650S Ceramic Coated Sport Exhaust (2014 on)


Full System Breakdown:
  • Stainless Steel Mandrel Bent Tubing
  • Ceramic Coating for functional and aesthetic use
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Real Super Car Sound
  • Retains OEM Heat shields

Sound and Design Explained:

The combination of the QuickSilver Downpipes and Cat-Back system will get your 650S singing and spitting flames. In addition to this, the volcanic black ceramic coating gives highly functional benefits to the system, reducing engine temps by 110 Degrees C at the manifold. The induction of colder air, more throttle response, flames out of the back and a 3.8 litre V8 symphony will completely transform your driving experience.

Other functional benefits of the system would be the weight saving properties, with the downpipes removing both the primary and secondary catalysts. This de-restriction of the car also helps to achieve a much crisper and unique sound.

The system is a sleek design, slipping straight into your 650S whilst retaining the OEM tips and heat shields. Only a few miles down the road from McLaren HQ, we manufacture all of our systems here in the UK; Working with McLaren themselves on a few occasions.

Check out some videos of the system below:

QS Equipped 650S spitting flames

QS Equipped 650S in Korea
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