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QuickSilver McLaren 570GT, 570S, 540C Ceramic Coated Titanium Cat-Back System

Hi McLaren Life,

QuickSilver here. In our Sub-Forum over the near future, we will be updating our product posts and introducing our new prices/catalogued McLaren products.

Starting with our great offer on the Ceramic Coated Titanium Cat-Back System. Usually retailing at £3980, we are offering forum users the chance to snap one up for just £2680, by using code MacLOVIN at checkout. That is £1300 off in total! Alternatively, call/email us and quote this code for the discount.

Product pages:


Downpipes: McLaren 570S Ceramic Coated Catalyst Replacement Pipes (2015 on)


System Breakdown: Cat-Back Titanium Ceramic Spec

  • 100% Titanium Construction
  • 3-Stage Polar White Plasma ceramic coating
  • 2.8 KG (6.17 lbs) weight – 72% saving over stock
  • 27.5 degree C (81.5 degree F) temperature reduction
  • CAD modelled for a bolt-on fit
  • Can be installed with stock cats or QuickSilver cat-less downpipes


Sound and Design Explained:

We offer two systems for this vehicle both identical in design but differ in material. Our 304 Stainless Steel option is a lighter weight system that has more efficient flow and shows a noticeable improvement in throttle response whilst enhancing the sound.

QuickSilver's Titanium Ultralight systems are made from 100% thin gauge titanium, approximately reducing the weight by 75% over a standard OEM alternative and 50% over our Stainless Steel options. Design and flow are identical to our Stainless Steel options. The sound is very similar to Stainless Steel though has a slightly purer resonance. Our Ultralight systems offer a truly elitist alternative for overall performance, sound and look.

Our integrated balance pipes provide a defined, crisp V8 soundtrack by allowing continuous mixing of gasses from each bank and an alternative path-of-best-flow on the overrun. The result is a superior tone and projection. The system is designed to work with the engine, so at lower revs the sound remains relatively civilised and at higher revs it provides more presence and volume.

A choice of Volcanic Black Ceramic Coat (for our Stainless option) or our Polar White Coating (for our Titanium Ultralight) offers temperature reductions of over 110 degrees C at the manifold, resulting in a reduction of over 27.5 degrees C in under bonnet temperature and power increases of up to 5.5%. The coating originally developed for the defence and Nuclear industries offers proven performance gains and is extremely durable and stone chip resistant.

Now used extensively in top level Motor Sport, our Ceramic Coat option offers greater performance / reduced surface and ambient temperatures / highly effective corrosion barrier and a tough hard wearing shell coating whilst adding a truly unique look and finish to your system.

Check the videos below of cars with just the Cat-Back on there:

Full System (With De-Cats):



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QuickSilver Ceramic Catalyst Replacement Pipes:

Our downpipes provide the full afterburner experience and can be installed with your stock system, or combined with a QuickSilver Ceramic Cat-Back for the ultimate sound.

Product Page: McLaren 570S Ceramic Coated Catalyst Replacement Pipes (2015 on)


System Breakdown: Ceramic Catalyst Replacement Pipes:
  • CAD modelled to accept reinstallation of factory heat shields
  • Stealthy aesthetic
  • Component temperature up to 40 degree C (104 degree F) cooler than stock
  • 3-stage Plasma Ceramic Coating to keep engine bay ambient temperatures 27.5 degree C (81.5 degree F)
  • Heat retained within tube wall for unrivalled flame throwing ability and performance
  • Can be installed with OE rear section or QuickSilver Titanium-Ceramic cat back for the full afterburner experience


Sound and Design Explained:

A lighter weight component that replaces both Primary and Secondary Catalysts to offer a more efficient flow. The section also shows a noticeable improvement in throttle response whilst enhancing the sound for a crisper, richer note throughout the rev range. The removal of the catalysts also presents the opportunity to gain some BHP, with exhaust gasses flowing freely and exiting at a faster rate (with some pops and bangs along the way).
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