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Production stopped?

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Thats just b----ks Hypermac,they are still in production,but what is happening is that they are not delivering any cars until the new mapping is ready, that will solve 99.5% of the electical problems.
This re-map is a couple of weeks away from completion,but because of the problems so far they need another 2 weeks to check it,rather than install it straight away,im sure there is no hardware involved(maybe some extra sensors to pick up the tracker which many owners have found dropping out and getting a movement warning,which usally rights itself when underway,a problem with the carbon tub masking it i think)
So there is no need to stop production.
When you read that article it just shows you that as a journalist its easy to put 2 and 2 together and come up with 10+,when you have no clue and are picking up snippets from other magazines,im surprised calitalia hasnt posted yet
Agree 100% regarding the media. I wouldn't even have posted it if it didn't contain quotes from Joseph. However, somebody needs to itemize the various delays for me. This article says 2 weeks, so what else makes up the 3 month delay? Is IRIS still a factor or are all cars shipping without it? Is there an official delay for fit and finish? Is that the same as the electrical delay?

There is too much info floating around. Can somebody who has spoken with Woking please clarify all of this, please? Until there is a clear picture, the media frenzy will continue. Obviously, most of the world would rather see McLaren fail at this venture. Or at least the idea sells more page views.
They are still in production,the Iris is approx ready in january,all the electrical niggles are being re-mapped in one go and then being tested again,which will be in one month,if they have gone offical with letters to customers saying a 3 month delay,i would think they will try and stick to it!If there are no letters then we know there is a delay but not for how long.But now they know the issues they are working flat out,media speculation isnt helping ,but that is what they are there for,to wind everyone up

Update: Reports on Pistonheads regarding production delays have been denied by McLaren to GTspirit. Ever since the first release of the McLaren MP4-12C McLaren has worked hard to fix both hardware and software problems and the latter are currently causing a small delay in delivery to customers. McLaren stresses issues that appeared on pre-production and early production models like an issue reported with the engine cover have been resolved.
I think what they mean is that there are no production delays,only delivery delays,they are still making them ,just not shipping untill the new mapping has been implemented in 3 or 4 weeks,so the immediate customers are 3 to 4 weeks behind,and the ones in a few weeks should be on time,as for the 3 month delay,we have all had that,maybe they will catch up by the early part of next year,this is of course only my opinion
Spoken with Woking this week, production's unaffected / deliveries are delayed to allow for the Iris upgrade to be installed + tested. I've every faith they're only interested in getting it right,which journo's aren't!
They are calling it the IRIS upgrade,but its just the media centre that needs improving untill the iris is ready.The main problems are being addressed by the re-mapping,were they have found many of the sensors are too sensitive and the battery discharging if the car is not shut down,these are not linked but can confuse the issue as they can create similar problems,any hardware problems are minor.
When the new mapping is fitted 99% of the issues that people have been having will be solved,i feel some people have had more than their fair share of problems,but they are maybe being a little short sighted if the fix gives them the car they bought into,whats another month.
Some other mistakes have been made,like my problem with the launch,i have pointed out that it would be a good idea to put a suppliment in the drivers manual explaning why it might not work (steering to be dead centre)so you dont overheat the gearbox .just a small thing,but could end up costly if they are picking up cars for no reason.Or at the very least it needs to be mentioned at the handover.
Car just back,need to go and get some fish and chips the long way round!!!
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I am sure they had every interest in getting it right before they released cars to customers too. Just because they have an interest doesn't mean they will actually be able to do so in a reasonable amount of time. The car is clearly not ready for prime time and if I were a buyer of the first ones I would be truly disturbed at the possibility that I spent full retail for a car that was in beta stage of development. No matter how its spun this cannot be good for resale or the image of the company.

Another example of staying away from the first model year of a brand new car.
But you are not,you BAILED OUT!!What else have you got deposits on?just checking as you might want to BAIL OUT,if somebody says something that doesnt agree with you
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