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Problem Throttle Response

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Since 6 weeks I drive my new car and found now out following problem (only driving in automatic modus when the car is normal warm):
Turn off the ventilation of aircondition to status: OFF. Than drive the car up to 7th gear and slow down again. When the car stops the engine speed is only abt 450r/pm instead of 850 r/pm. If you drive the car it is changing the gears to early and you drive about 45 km/h in 7th gear at 600 r/pm. The engine operation is disturbed and throttle response is bad. As soon as you turn the ventilation again to at least MIN, than the problem is gone.
Anyone with similar experience?
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Certainly the throttle response is slow/sleepy in auto at 35mph or so in 2nd. I will try the condition as you describe. The box/throttle is like a kangeroo in auto between 2nd and 1st and in 2nd when picking up with long pedal travel for no action.

The dealer believes it may be the gearbox is in 'learning' mode, I had a similar problem on an Audi Q5. I suspect the throttle control panel is arguing with the gearbox control panel and we need Doris to sort it out.........but seriously Mclaren need to know so they can modify the mapping.
I fully understand what you mean, but pls set the aircon to OFf and make yr own experience. You will wonder as the r/pm is reduced by at least 300. Consequently the throttle has a bad response and gearbox is not changing gears correctly. Pls set aircon OFF and advise if you feel the difference
I noticed the RPMs dropping to 500ish at idle a couple times. Seemed like the engine wanted to die.
Yes it seems everybody has this problem, but rarely you drive without aircon. Therefore most of drivers did not know this defect. Before yesterday I got the the new Software update, but this defect has not been corrected. Furthermore I have now the problem with my alarm system. Regularly I have false alarm. Car is yesterday back to McLaren dealer to solve the problem. Will report later
Wonder if this throttle map , with aircon off, gets them through the USA Gaz Guzzler regs?

My car has a throttle 'stutter' at about 3500rpm in low gears, can't make my mind up if it is me or the car as when the car hits a bump in low gear and highish revs my foot can inadvertently compress the throttle.
Tried it today,and no problem!! Just been told there is another re-mapp coming,i will try and find out what its for:)
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