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McLarenLife is a forum that prizes civil free discourse. Members of the community may offer affirmations, critical opinions, contradictory takes, and even alternative views of topics and/or product offerings. Some of these comments may come from from individuals while others from competing vendors. This sort of conversation and commentary is allowable, and even encouraged, so that everyone may form the most informed opinions regarding any topic and/or product offering.

That said, McLarenLife will not tolerate any of the following abuses:
  1. browbeating individuals/vendors
  2. doxxing
  3. harassment
  4. hijacking threads with divergent off-topic posts*
  5. libel
  6. scams
  7. spam
  8. and/or the like abuses
*With regard to off-topic posts: it is common for any thread to occasionally, or even frequently, diverge from the stated thread topic. This is allowable and understandable, and even to some degree encouraged, as the normal tendency of tangents to be discussed and explored helps everyone more fully understand topics of interest. However, this is tolerated to the extent there is support by participants within a thread to explore, for some reasonable time, and when such support evaporates, the off-topic posting should conclude or risk being considered to impermissibly have hijacked the thread; those interested in the off-topic issues may start their own new thread on that topic as remedy. Often this is a subjective judgement call, however, moderators will be free to end such off-topic highjacking when it goes too far.​

If an individual and/or vendor is experiencing any such abuse, they should turn to the site moderators and/or administrators for help to clear up such problematic postings. Such abuses may result in temporary and/or permanent banning from the forum.

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Thanks for the heads up. I reached out to @Isaac to see if we can help in some way.
I searched for the thread, but I don't see it now. A lot of very personal information was posted, it bordered on sociopathic behaviour imo. Maybe there's other history of which I'm unaware, but it's hard for me to imagine anything that would justify what was posted publicly. This is exactly the sort of reason why I'm relatively careful about posting things in public that might identify me, no doubt there's enough out there to find me, but someone would have to go to some trouble.
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